Xinyang Wang:

Xinyang Wang Xinyang Wang | Photo: Xinyang Wang Xinyang Wang, born in Guangyuan, China, holds a Bachelor of Music from Sichuan Conservatory in Chengdu and a Master of Music from Manhattan School of Music in New York. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Music Composition and Theory at the University of Pittsburgh. Wang's music combines a wide range of cultural and artistic influences from his upbringing that inspire his creative work. Wang develops his most recent projects and compositions based on elements and the aesthetics of Chinese operas, mythology, and poetry.

Wang has won various awards and honors for his compositions and has enjoyed collaborations with many noted interpreters. As a teacher, he has achieved significant success with his composition students taking the first, second, and twelfth places in the Composition Competition at the 2018 ASEAN International Music Week.

“San-Guei (2017)” for flute, clarinet, violin, viola and cello

Inspiration Xinyang Wang Photo: Xinyang Wang Taking inspiration from a poem by Qu Yuan (ca.340–278, BC): the Mountain Nymph (“San-Guei” in Sichuan Dialect). I rendered the poem into a two-movement “tone poem” by employing its rhyming and rhythmic features to create and develop the central musical ideas. Along with the poem’s flowery stanzas depicting wondrous landscape patrolled by its master, the Nymph, it also shows the goddess' yearning for mortal affection. Such sentiment is somewhat evident in this piece.