Asian Composers Showcase
Premiere Concert 2014

ACS-Konzert 2014 Foto: TIMF
Foto: TIMF

The world premiere of the four new compositions took place at the Tongyeong International Music Festival (TIMF) on March 31, 2014. Soo-Yeoul Choi directed the Ensemble TIMF.

An international jury has awarded this year’s Goethe-Award to composer Zihua Tan. The five jury members state their reasons for this decision as follows:

“The Jury states that all four pieces premiered at the Asian Composers showcase 2014 were of outstanding quality. It is obvious that these four composers from China, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia are strong musical voices that will continue to be appreciated worldwide. In meeting the highest standards of musical expression, they more than do justice to the legacy of Isang Yun who connected East and West, Germany and Korea through his music.

All four pieces showed masterful orchestration as well as deep knowledge and appreciation of the instruments selected. With its gripping dramatical curve, outstanding musicality, convincing use of modern playing techniques and gripping musical gestures uniquely combining various materials and techniques of our time, the Jury would like to specifically highlight one of these exciting new compositions:

The Asian Composers Showcase Goethe-Award 2014 goes to Zihua Tan.”

The Jury

Salvatore Sciarrino Foto: Salvatore Sciarrino Photo: Salvatore Sciarrino Salvatore Sciarrino, born in Palermo in 1947, started composing when he was twelve and held his first public concert in 1962. His works have been performed by numerous orchestras world-wide and have been presented at international festivals. He has taught at the the Music Academies of Milan, Perugia and Florence. Sciarrino’s discography counts over 100 CDs, many of which have been awarded prizes. Città di Castello (Umbria) has been his home since 1983. Sciarrino was Composer in Residence at Tongyeong International Music Festival 2014.

Tigran Mansurian Photo: Tigran Mansurian Photo: Tigran Mansurian Tigran Mansurian, the son of Armenian parents, was born in 1939 in Beirut (Lebanon). He studied composition at the Yerevan State Conservatory (Armenia), where he subsequently taught music analysis with special emphasis on New Music. Mansurian’s works reflect the heritage of the musical tradition of Armenia, which ranges from the melodies of mediaeval ecclesiastical chant to specific scalar systems and musical forms. In the course of time he developed an increasingly simple and almost liturgical style that combines ancient and modern elements. Mansurian was Composer in Residence at Tongyeong International Music Festival 2014.

Kyu Yung Chin Photo: Kyu Yung Chin Photo: Kyu Yung Chin Kyu Yung Chin, a native of Tongyeong City, studied at Seoul National University and Staatliche Hochschule für Musik, Karlsruhe. His music combines the theory and instrumentation of western music with the temper of Korean folk tunes. His numerous awards include the Donga Composition Prize (1970) and the Grand Prize from the Korean National Composers Competition (1990). His works have been performed in Korea as well as abroad. Since 1985, Kyu Yung Chin is professor of composition at Yeungnam University. He is vice chairman of the Tongyeong International Music Foundation.

Toni J. Krein Photo: Toni J. Krein Photo: Toni J. Krein Toni Krein is a dramaturg and cultural manager with extensive experience in the field of concert and music theatre. He was artistic director of Alte Oper Frankfurt, co-founder of Frankfurter Feste and head dramaturg at Luzerner Theater. Since December 2010, he is president of (Association of Swiss Professional Orchestras). He is also board member of Zürcher Kammerorchester, Kammermusikfest Lockenhaus, as well as Davos Festival.

Stefan Dreyer Photo: Goethe-Institut Korea / Aaaron Choe Photo: Goethe-Institut Korea / Aaaron Choe Stefan Dreyer is head of Goethe-Institut Korea and regional director of East Asia.