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Word cloud puns © Goethe-Institut Korea

Blog - September 12, 2018
Play with words!

By Sabine Müller. Understanding puns isn’t always easy for non-native speakers, and translating them into another language is even harder. For the Merck Social Translating Project, a book was chosen that is bursting with plays on words. In our latest blog post, find out which puns were especially challenging for the translators and which solutions they came up with.

Word cloud „The World At Your Back“ © Goethe-Institut Korea

Blog - August 29, 2018
The title: Not just a translation challenge

By Sabine Müller. With “The World at Your Back,” Thomas Melle selected a title that is open to various interpretations. How do the translators deal with this ambiguity? In this post, read more about the considerations that went into selecting the title and which variations the translators in the Merck Social Translating Project chose.

The Korean translation of “The World at Your Back” Photo: Solbitkil / Goethe-Institut Korea

Published translations
“The World at Your Back” in Korean

“The World at Your Back” is now available in Korean. Ki-Sook Lee completed the first translation in the Merck Social Translating Project just in time for the Seoul International Book Fair. The translation was published by the Solbitkil publishing house.

About the Merck Social Translating Project

The Merck Social Translating Project is testing a new social practice for literary translation.
Ten translators from Asia are translating a German-language novel into their respective native languages. During the process, they meet in a closed digital forum and work on their translations by interacting with one another and engaging in a close discourse with the author.
The project is the first time that an e-book platform with social functions has been used. It allows the users to make marginal notes in the text of an e-book as well for the translators and the author to follow up on each other’s comments. Thomas Melle’s novel Die Welt im Rücken (The World at Your Back) was selected for the first social translating discourse. The novel is being translated into Bengali, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Mongolian, Sinhalese, Thai, and Vietnamese. In 2018, the translations and the results of the project will be presented at international book fairs in Asia and at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
The Merck Social Translating Project was developed by the Goethe-Institut Korea in partnership with Merck Korea.

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