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April 18, 2018
“I personally became a bit more ‘social’ through the project”

Ki-Sook Lee
Photo: Goethe-Institut Korea/OZAK

By Ki-Sook Lee. Korean translator Ki-Sook Lee wasn’t really a user of social media networks. But at the kick-off meeting, she noticed that translation is also possible in a “social” context.

At first, the term social translating was completely foreign to me. And I had no idea how the project would go. Through our discussions and talks at the first meeting in Seoul in November, what I was supposed to do online with the author and the other Asian translators as part of the project eventually became clear to me. From the kick-off meeting, I realized that translation is also possible in a “social” context. I wasn't really a user of social media networks, but I personally became a bit more “social” through the project.
The kick-off meeting and the talks with the other translators gave me the opportunity to discuss the same text with colleagues from Asia and for us to share opinions, experiences, and information with each other.
The online meetings and the Lectory platform helped me a lot with the translation. First, I was able to resolve some of the things that were unclear in the text thanks to direct feedback from the author. Otherwise, these things would have remained unclear for a long time or I would have had to deal with them in a personal e-mail exchange with the author. Second, the exchange with the other translators was inspiring. I was able to find out how they understood or interpreted certain passages in the text, whether they might be running into the same difficulties that I was, and how they were dealing with them. Third, collaborating on the Lectory platform provided an opportunity for personal reflection for me. While translating, I sometimes asked myself whether my many incorrect interpretations had to do with insufficient knowledge of German or a lack of imagination on my part. As a result of this, I believe you can make great strides in working as a translator.
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