Chang Wen-Hsuan

The mise-en-abyme structure of history. Chang Wen-Hsuan is especially attentive to the subject of "fiction". In her work, "fiction" is a narrative action that connects history with politics. The extension of history and politics within fiction is a way of managing the relationships and dynamics between individual stories and the writing of history. Continuing the subjects and techniques of "name borrowing", "cataloguing" and "mise-en-abyme" in her previous works, "autobiography" becomes a historical node that necessitates fiction in the process of researching female members of the Taiwanese Communist Party, owing to the paucity of female Taiwanese Communist narratives. The Compendium of Autobiographies touches upon ethical relationships within historical archives as well as the experimental fictionalization of the narrative; and finally, fiction is used to open up different sites of historical discourse.


Chang Wen-Hsuan was born in Changhua County, currently resides in Taipei where she is completing her studies and working in the creative arts. Her work is focused on performance through narrative and puppetry (animation) to explore the relationship between individual and historical narratives. She is concerned with how the individual inserts the self into various narrative structures; or conversely, the ways in which various narrative structures conceal the individual narrative voice, or how various historical writings determine individual lives. Through her creation of narratives, the artist attempts to highlight the ways in which fiction becomes a necessary liberating strategy for the individual within a historical framework that hijacks the truth. As such, she maintains in her work a tension between systemic structures and the daily life of an individual. Her personal "storytelling" becomes an internally woven escape (liberation) route; fiction, because it s political.