Koo Jeong A

Koo Jeong A seeks various interventions in space as an attempt to imbue space with a soul. “The Sun has a temper that affects us on planet Earth in subtle and unpredictable ways. It has an energy that is almost hidden from view, a subtle power that touches us daily. Behind that subtle power is what we call the magnetic field of the Sun. Its source is in our star’s rotation. It takes almost a month for the Sun to spin around it axis (in the same direction as the Earth, and perpendicular to its orbit). That seemingly leisurely spin is sufficient to create inside it the currents generating the big magnetized ball that is our Sun. Magnetism is a phenomenon associated with moving electrical charges (or electric current, for short). Magnetism can be "baked" into a piece of metal, aligning microscopic domains inside it, as we have in everyday magnets. Magnetism can be generated by a moving device, such as a rotating dynamo that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The Sun and the planets seem to generate their magnetism in this way, like large spinning dynamos. Magnetism manifests itself in a magnetic field – an invisible force that surrounds the magnet and that scientists often sketch on paper with the help of looping lines called ‘magnetic field lines’. Occasionally, Nature “sketches’ the lines for us to see when charged gas flows along, glows and is recorded by our cameras.” (Excerpt from Dimitar Sasselov, Subtle Power in Koo Jeong A: Constellation Congress, edited by Yasmil Raymond, 2012, New York: Dia Art Foundation)


Koo Jeong A was born in 1967, in Seoul, Korea. She works mainly on intervention in spaces. The main intention of her interventions is to put the soul in space. Her works include architectural elements, big circle drawings, fictions, poetry, publications, installations, sculptures, interventions in urban spaces, films, audio works and architecture projects. Koo's most recent project is a skate park pavilion in collaboration with l'escault, which is the first version of many others to be realised elsewhere in another part of the world. Her most recent solo exhibitions were Oussser (Fondazione La Raia, Novi Ligure, Italy, 2014) and Shining Living (Yvon Lambert On Paper, Paris, France, 2014). Koo’s work has also been exhibited at the Swiss Pavilion at the 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice.