Pak Sheung Chuen

Revisiting artistic practice. In the aftermath of the Umbrella Movement, Pak Sheung Chuen undertook an in-depth self-criticism of artistic practice. This critique enabled the artist to re-examine previous art projects that attempted to link community with the media. The re-visitation of artistic projects allowed the artist and participants to establish a developmental and reflexive organic relationship through archiving. This practice made it possible for us to deftly and continually undertake direct confrontations and negotiations between the ever-changing management systems and individuals in society. At the same time, social practices and interactions entered into the artistic work of archivalization to become documents that illustrate the world. The relationship between society and artistic practice is no longer simply dependent on the marketplace and ideologies: re-visitation has become an extension.


Born in Fujian Province in 1977, Pak Sheung Chuen immigrated to Hong Kong in 1984, where he graduated from the Fine Arts Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a minor in theology. He is concerned with the concrete details of daily lives, and with finding the rarely conscious relationships between people and systems within. He attempts various expressions that transcend beyond social codes. His adept applications of installation, photography, painting and action are acute presentations of the various connections between internalized and socialized behaviors, especially in the inherent textures that are often neglected in habitual narratives. Dramatic changes in Hong Kong society in recent times have turned his thoughts toward the realistic relationships and imaginary spaces that exist between social events and individual action. He attempts to observe the human condition through a pursuit of traces, and in doing so, deepening the relationships between the politics, society and the intrinsic self.