About the Project

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‘Discordant Harmony’

A fine arts project presented by the Goethe-Institut in collaboration with Space for Contemporary Art Co. Ltd.

‘Discordant Harmony’ is a project initiated by the Goethe-Institut in East Asia. It invites institutions, curators, artists and scholars to look into the ever-changing notion of ‘harmony’ in terms of history, art, society and people. The project aims to establish a discursive platform through web presence and events, including seminars and symposia with a variety of individuals such as political thinkers, scholars, philosophers, artists and architects.

The different aspects and layers of harmony will be explored artistically in the form of visual art. The project especially focuses on the dynamics in East Asia. In this way, the project will look into the co-existence of nations in this region, the conflicts and fears of its peoples and the phenomena of a ‘discordant harmony’ in today’s world, where the traditional concept of harmony is being constantly challenged.

Discursive Platform

The project website is designed as a discursive platform. Thinkers, scholars, philosophers and the curators will reflect on issues and themes set by this project and visualized in videos, pictures and articles.


The project sets its focus on artists and their artistic expressions. The travelling exhibition will adapt its programme to specific local settings and interests. Each exhibition will be developed in close cooperation between the Goethe-Instituts in Northeast Asia, curators and local institutions.

Other Events

Symposia, seminars and cultural events will accompany the exhibitions. These events will ensure ongoing visibility, reflection and debate on the issues proposed and communicated by the project.