22 until 25 September 2022
Talents Beirut 2022 / 8th Edition

Talents Beirut 2022
Talents Beirut © Metropolis Cinema Association

The Metropolis Cinema Association and the Goethe-Institut Libanon are teaming up with Berlinale Talents to present the eighth edition of Talents Beirut which will take place in Beirut, Lebanon between the 22nd and the 25th of September 2022.

Talents Beirut is a project that aims to support film talents from the Arab World, allowing them to reflect on their own works by connecting with other emerging and confirmed talents, and by discovering new ways to approach the art of filmmaking, whether from technical or theoretical point of views.

Launched in 2014, Talents Beirut has welcomed over 150 participants from across the region for intensive training programs combining theoretical and technical courses that focus on key technical fields in filmmaking: sound design, music composition, cinematography and editing.

As our industry goes into radical changes, how is the new generation of filmmakers thinking of the future of cinema? Which profiles do we need to see and work with to install diversity and representation in front and behind the camera? How can we imagine a sustainable way of making films and showing them?

It is with all of these questions and concerns in mind that Talents Beirut launches today its eighth edition, and invites 20 emerging artists from the Arab World, to reflect, share and discuss making films within particular constraints, were they financial, societal or political. It offers them a space to get to know each other and discuss with the experts how to imagine the future of cinema in order to generate innovative ideas that could push their artistry further.

This edition wouldn’t be possible without the constant support of international partners that have believed in this initiative since its inception, but also of local partners, with which Talents Beirut has joined forces to provide technical assistance and conceptual thinking to the filmmakers of tomorrow.

We hope these rich sessions over four intensive days will stimulate our invited guests and push them to fulfill their vision, shaping the cinema of the future!

Sessions and experts:

  • Hands-on cinematography session with Elie Kamal
  • Film Editing Workshop with Michèle Tyan
  • Score Composition Case Study - Kash Kash with Samah Boulmona and Farah Kaddour
  • Sound Design Case Study - Farha with Rana Eid and FB Studio team
  • Talents Tanks - Towards a Cinema of the Future with Florian Weghorn
  • Masterclass on Cinematography with Antoine Heberlé
  • In Conversation on Editing with Denys Darahan
  • Sound Recording and Composition with Matthew Herbert
  • Masterclass - Between Sound Design and Composition with Matthew Herbert (open to public)
  • Color Grading Workshop with Chrystel Elias
  • Film Editing Workshop with Carine Doumit
  • Score Composition Workshop with Karim S. Elias