Make yourself a(t) Home: Radical Care and Hospitality

Make yourself a(t) Home: Radical Care and Hospitality is a fully funded program that brings seven Beirut-based artists from Lebanon to Brazil under appropriate safety precautions to participate in a five-week relief residency at the Kaaysá Art Residency in the heart of the Atlantic Rainforest (São Paulo, Boiçucanga). The residency is organised by the Temporary Art Platform (TAP) with the support of the Goethe-Institut, the Brazilian Consulate in Beirut and private sponsors.

The artists who will participate in the residency are Lara Tabet (artist and doctor), Omar Mismar (artist), Maxime Hourani (artist), Panos Aprahamian (filmmaker), Nour Sokhon (sound artist), Betty Ketchedjian (artist) and Nour Osseiran (artist and colleague at TAP).

The program Make yourself a(t) Home: Radical Care and Hospitality was conceived as an immediate relief measure for artists and cultural workers affected by the explosion of August 4, 2020, in the port of Beirut.

The participants will experience hospitality while exploring the forms of violence that Brazilian society and nature have historically suffered. Black and indigenous voices struggling against centuries of oppression shape the participants' commitment to the two politically and socially weakened contexts that TAP want to bring together. The aim is to overcome the distorted narratives concerning the Lebanese (and Arab) diaspora in Brazil and concerning the mutual relations between the two countries since the End of the 19th century. 

The program includes workshops and contributions by invited guests, including Gabriel Bogossian (independent curator), Patrick Pessoa (theatre critic, dramaturg and professor of philosophy at the Federal University of Fluminense, UFF-Rio de Janeiro), Marcos Chaves (artist), Hena Lee (independent curator), Bianca Bernardo (curator of the Residência Kaaysá), Gui Mohallem (artist), Denise Portinari (psychoanalyst and professor at the Faculty of Art and Design of the Catholic University, PUC-Rio de Janeiro) and Tania Rivera (psychoanalyst and curator).

The participants in the residency were selected from a list of 30 names proposed by colleagues and organizations from Beirut, including Beirut Art Center, Beirut Art Residency, Ashkal Alwan, Zoukak Theater Company, Lebanese Academy for Fine Arts (ALBA), Haven for Artists, Culture Resource (Mawred al Thaqafy) and Marfa' Gallery.

The residency program Make yourself a(t) Home is part of a wider intercultural research project and travelling exhibition by curator Amanda Abi Khalil, commissioned by the Goethe-Institut in 2017 and produced by Patuá to promote South-South dialogue between Lebanon and Brazil on the theme of migration and hospitality. A cooperation exists with the postgraduate program Cultures of Curatorship  (Kulturen des Kuratorischen) of the Academy of Graphic and Book Art (Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst) in Leipzig.