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BibBus © Goethe-Institut Libanon/Tanya Bizri

BibBus – The Goethe-Institut Libanon’s mobile library

The BibBus project follows and implements in an exemplary way the core educational idea of the Goethe-Institut Libanon, which is to develop the individual ability to make use of one’s own mind by giving them access to education and knowledge.

The BibBus connects children and young adults in economically and socially disadvantaged regions in Lebanon to sources of information and interactive knowledge such as a wide range of books, activity games, awareness workshops and many more.

Education and Knowledge transfer programs in general are much welcomed in Lebanon; moreover, they are sustainable instruments for a peaceful and thriving cultures. Especially the history of the Arabic world is full of glorious examples of knowledge nurtured cultural periods. In fact science is called in Arabic knowledge ﺍﻠﻌﻠﻡ, even the word teacher AlMuaallem derives from the word knowledge, meaning the person who transfers knowledge!
Our first experiences with the BibBus confirm the importance of reaching out with books and educational skills to children and young adults.
The following are some of the key strategic instruments the project can impact:

  • Social and cultural inclusion
  • access to books, literature
  • enhance reading competency
  • enhance language skills
  • rhetorical presentation
  • digital skills (digital literacy!)
  • creative skills…
Set up in early 2017, the BibBus is visiting economically disadvantaged Lebanese regions to give children and youth the opportunity to choose from more than 2,500 books and games, which include the newest publications, storybooks, and comics. Apart from book lending, the BibBus also offers activities that promote reading and creative self-articulation. During regular storytelling workshops, children learn about interactive listening and are encouraged to tell their own stories. Additionally, the BibBus hosts special activities and workshops that foster self-expression through various art-therapeutic approaches, such as filmmaking, drawing, and graffiti.

Moreover, for the year 2019 and in the course of developing our program, the BibBus team decided to offer structured programs focused on enhancing the performance of under-privileged youth such as, Educational programs, Hygiene awareness workshops, puppet shows.

Furthermore, and to allow the kids to correlate and improve their ability to conduct proper conversations. Certain topics were delivered in a fun and interactive manner under the umbrella of ‘Morning Talks’. Where kids had the opportunity to pleasantly discuss the calendar, weather, feelings and recalling previous knowledge about letters and numbers.

For this Year, the BibBus main mid-Summer event was held on the 17th of July 2019 in collaboration with Maarouf Saad Foundation at Mada Center in Sidon.
Communication comes in different forms, and the most globalized form is Arts”.

Event objectives:
  • ​Art as a form of communication
  • Teamwork and collaboration.
  • Anti-Bullying and awareness on how to stand up for your right - Always in an ethical and righteous manner
This Event is divided into 4 categories and will be performed by students age-range from 7 to 15 years old.
It’s a fun and educational event were laughter meets productivity and performance.

Project Coordinator: Rabih Maalouf

A day in the BibBus


BibBus Route © Goethe-Institut Libanon

The BibBus visits stations all over Lebanon, particularly in impoverished and disadvantaged regions, such as the North and the Beqaa Valley. Collaborating with local NGOs that run informal educational centres in local communities and refugee camps, we offer bi-weekly activities for the children and youth there.

The bus currently stops in Barelias, Majdal Anjar, Saida and Tripoli.

Photo gallery

  • BibBus Friends © Jad Shokor
    BibBus Friends
  • Children discover the BibBus © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    Children discover the BibBus
  • BibBus Activities © Jad Shokor
    BibBus Activities
  • BibBus Activities © Jad Shokor
    BibBus Activities
  • BibBus Activities © Jad Shokor
    BibBus Activities
  • Children browse the BibBus © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    Children browse the BibBus
  • BibBus activities © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    BibBus activities
  • Welcoming the BibBus in Barelias © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    Welcoming the BibBus in Barelias
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  • IMG-20191128-WA0039 © Goethe-Institut


 © Jad Shokor

BibBus in action

Part of the regular BibBus program are the storytelling-workshops that take place at our partner stations every two weeks. During these workshops, the children get the chance to present the books they have read to their classmates, and get to know new tales, that our experienced storytellers prepare for them. Following the stories, the children can engage in arts & crafts, as well as games, which address the stories and current topics.

 © Jad Shokor

Mid Summer Event Day

“Communication comes in different forms, and the most globalized form is Arts”


Project management:
Alexander Kruckenfellner Alexander Kruckenfellner
Head of German Language Dpt. and Educational Services
Deputy Director

If you are interested in collaborating with the BibBus or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at