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BibBus ©Goethe-Institut Libanon/Ghiath al Haddad

BibBus – The Goethe-Institut Libanon’s mobile library

The Goethe-Institut’s BibBus brings fascinating books and offers activities to disadvantaged children and youth in Lebanon. The mobile library’s aim is to improve the youth’s reading skills, to foster their creativity and to offer sustainable access to education.

There is much truth to the old Arabic saying: “What has been learned in youth is set in stone.” What happens, though, if children are deprived of learning because they have been denied access to education?

Set up in early 2017, the BibBus is visiting economically disadvantaged Lebanese regions to give children and youth the opportunity to choose from more than 2,500 books and games, which include the newest publications, storybooks, and comics.
Apart from book lending, the BibBus also offers activities that promote reading and creative self-articulation. During regular storytelling workshops, children learn about interactive listening and are encouraged to tell their own stories. Additionally, the BibBus hosts special activities and workshops that foster self-expression through various art-therapeutic approaches, such as filmmaking, drawing, and graffiti.

In short, the BibBus offers access to reading to less privileged children and youth through fun, age-appropriate literature and encourages them to become independent readers.

A day in the BibBus


BibBus Route © Goethe-Institut Libanon

The BibBus visits stations all over Lebanon, particularly in impoverished and disadvantaged regions, such as the North and the Beqaa Valley. Collaborating with local NGOs that run informal educational centres in local communities and refugee camps, we offer bi-weekly activities for the children and youth there.

The bus currently stops in Barelias, Majdal Anjar, Saida and Tripoli.

Photo gallery

  • BibBus on the road © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    BibBus on the road
  • Activities in Chtoura © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    Activities in Chtoura
  • Children discover the BibBus © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    Children discover the BibBus
  • Storytelling in Barelias © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    Storytelling in Barelias
  • Children browse the BibBus © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    Children browse the BibBus
  • BibBus on the road © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    BibBus on the road
  • BibBus activities © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    BibBus activities
  • Welcoming the BibBus in Barelias © Goethe-Institut/Katja Volkenant
    Welcoming the BibBus in Barelias


Film Workshop Charbel Kamel ©Goethe-Institut Libanon

Filmmaking Workshop

In October 2017, the BibBus hosted filmmaking workshops with art therapist Charbel Kamel at its stations. Inspired by the BibBus’ stories and books, children came up with their own scenarios and characters, enacted them, and then assisted in the shooting of the movies. The resulting four short films were shown to the proud makers during a small tour in December.


Project management:
Alexander Kruckenfellner Alexander Kruckenfellner
Head of German Language Dpt. and Educational Services
Deputy Director

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