Midsummer Event Day
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“Communication comes in different forms, and the most globalized form is Arts”
The Goethe Institut Libanon organized an event in collaboration with Maarouf Saad Foundation at Mada Center in Sidon, where the participants are students aged between 7 to 15-year-old.
The event date was the 17th of July and hosted up to 100 people; between students, parents and team members.
This event falls under the theme of “Anti-bullying and awareness campaign”, where kids have the opportunity to learn and express themselves in an artistic manner.
The event is distributed into 4 categories:
-Theatrical performance dealing with Anti-Bullying and Awareness.
-Singing on Feirouz & Rahbani songs.
-Dancing on Wadih al Safi & Rahbani Music
-‘Zajal’; a traditional, poetic and competitive performance between groups.
- Performing as a form of therapy and expressing ourselves.
- Art as a form of communication.
-Teamwork and Collaboration.
-Awareness on standing up for our rights in an ethical and righteous manner.
-Entertainment and Education, where fun and laughter meet productivity and performance.