German Film Week 2019

Sep 19, 2019 | 08:00 pm
Metropolis Empire Sofil – Ashrafieh, Beirut

In the presence of the editor and scriptwriter


Biopic about East-German singer-songwriter Gerhard Gundermann (1955–1998). During the day, he worked as a digger operator in a coal mine. Yet after his shift, he successfully performed as a singer who reached the masses. In his songs, he pondered existential questions of life and death, but also didn't shy away from addressing current political and social issues. His very personal lyrics and authentic performances made him a cultural icon in the German Democratic Republic of the Eighties. At the same time, he frequently got into trouble with the authorities. After the fall of the wall, Gundermann's popularity not only remained, it even grew bigger. Even when it was revealed in 1995 that Gundermann used to be an informant for the notorious secret state police Stasi, the news didn't really tarnish his success – and though his musical career garnered him a good income, he continued to work as a digger operator. In 1998, Gerhard Gundermann passed away after suffering from a brain seizure.

Scene "Gundermann" Gundermann | © Peter Hartwig / Pandora Film

About the director

Andreas Dresen was born August 16, 1968, in Gera. He grew up in Schwerin and started shooting his own amateur movies since the late '70s. After receiving his university-entrance diploma, he worked as a sound engineer at the theater in Schwerin and completed a traineeship at the DEFA Studio for Feature Films where he also worked as an assistant director to his later mentor Günther Reisch. From 1986 until 1991 Dresen studied directing at the "Konrad Wolf" Academy of Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg. Since 1992, he has been working as a freelance author and director.