This Crazy Heart
German Film Week 2018

Sep 22, 2018 | 08:00 pm
Metropolis Empire Sofil – Ashrafieh, Beirut

Lenny, a man in his late twenties, takes life easy. He dropped out of college a while ago already, still lives in his parents' mansion and prefers to spend his nights in a fancy club. One day, his widowed father, a renowned cardiologist, has had it. He cuts his son's money supply, throws him out of the house and forces him on an unusual mission: In order to get his old life back, Lenny has to spend time with David, who is suffering from a severe heart condition and lives with his mother in modest circumstances. Lenny's father hopes that this experience will make his son come to his senses. And who would have thought it: After an initial lack of interest, Lenny soon starts developing brotherly feelings for David with his zest for life. He makes it his mission to fulfill the boy's each and every wish. Lenny also comes to realize how serious the situation his protégé is in really is.


Scene "This Crazy Heart" This Crazy Heart | © 2017 Constantin Film Verleih GmbH Jürgen Olczyk

About the Director

Marc Rothemund (born August 26, 1968) is a German film director. He is the son of the film director Sigi Rothemund and the brother of the actress Nina Rothemund. He began his career as an assistant for his father and then began to direct episodes for TV series. His first feature film was the 1998 production Das merkwürdige Verhalten geschlechtsreifer Großstädter zur Paarungszeit. In 2005 he directed the film Sophie Scholl – The Final Days, written by Fred Breinersdorfer, which was nominated for the 78th Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film and received numerous other awards, including the Silver Bear for Best Director at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Rothemund's next film was Men Do What They Can, in 2012, which was released to positive reviews. Also in 2012, Rothemund started to work on The Girl With Nine Whigs, an adaptation of the bestselling novel by Dutch author Sophie van der Stap. The film was released in spring 2013.

 In the winter of 2015, Rothemund started the shooting of his next film: My Blind Date with Life released in 2016.