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German Fillm Week 2022
The Last Execution

Sep 24, 2022 | 08:00 pm
Galaxy Grand Cinemas, Galaxy Center, Blvd. Camil Chamoun
Age Rating 18+

In the presence of Karim Sebastian Elias - Music Composer


The GDR, early 1970s. The engineer Franz Walter receives a tempting offer from the HVA, the foreign intelligence service of the GDR. As an agent, he is supposed to help prepare the GDR for the 1974 Football World Cup, which takes place in the FRG. In return, he is offered a professorship. Franz, who had already been active as an unofficial employee for the Stasi since 1967, accepts the offer. Together with his colleague Dirk, he is sent abroad to the West. Over time, however, Franz's discomfort about the excessive espionage activities and his questionable missions grows. He begins to doubt the system and withdraws more and more. Not even his wife Corina manages to get through to him. Franz would love to disappear. But the secret service does not let him out of their clutches. Finally Franz is arrested and charged with treason...

Source: Filmportal.de
Scene "The Last Execution" The Last Execution | © Nikolai von Graevenitz


2021 | Germany
Genre: Bio / Drama / Thriller
Duration: 116 Min.
Language: German with Eng. ST
Director: Franziska Stünkel
Screenplay: Franziska Stünkel
Director of Photography: Nikolai von Graevenitz
Editing: Andrea Mertens
Music: Karim Sebastian Elias


Lars Eidinger: Franz Walter
Devid Striesow: Dirk Hartmann
Luise Heyer: Corina Walter
Paula Kalenberg: Klara


Munich Film Festival 2021
Young German Cinema Award, Best Screenwriting
German Film Rating Comission 2021
Rating: Particularly Valuable


Reservations are mandatory and should be made online via: MetropolisCinema.net starting 12 September.
Seating is limited and reservation will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
* Admission is free of charge.

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