Entrepreneurship Summer School 2018/2019

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German Vocational Education Tradition meets Lebanese Entrepreneurship Spirit

The entrepreneurship educational and vocational project initiated by the Goethe Institut Libanon in 2018, derives from the idea of educating young adult’s entrepreneurship skills within and parallel to their high school curriculum. The Goethe Institut Libanon supports the idea of early dual vocational education, as Germany is a long experience and a leading country in offering the dual system; as a result, the German economy enjoys low youth unemployment and high workforce skill levels. As to Lebanon, it has been the cradle of the ancient entrepreneurship since the Phoenicians, hence, to be a good entrepreneur is accepted and valued in the Lebanese society.

A 2015 study on the employability of young people in Lebanon conducted by the International Labor Organization (ILO) found a considerable imbalance between the requirements of the labor market and existing vocational training programs, with a youth unemployment rate of 34% (2012). To respond to this crisis, effective solutions are needed to take action to reform the education and school system. In which career-oriented educational paths as well as cooperation between schools and companies is at the center of it.

The 2013 UNESCO-led study “Entrepreneurship Education in the Arab States” issued the following recommendations:

  • Integrate entrepreneurial learning/entrepreneurship education into the curricula of all school types as a compulsory subject.
  • Introduce new, creative teaching and educational methods to cultivate the development of an entrepreneurial skill set.
  • Promote the cooperation of schools and businesses.      
  • Create further education and training opportunities for educators.
Goethe-Institut Libanon main focus is on public schools and their teaching staff, the topic of entrepreneurship education will be brought to schools and integrated into teaching through practice-oriented project formats and methodologies. On a sustainable basis, educators will be supported by an adapted training program.
Creating a concept that can be integrated into curricula and thus bring encounters with entrepreneurs into the classrooms of public schools. By involving the Lebanese education authority and pursuing a long-term and sustainable approach to the school systems through their curriculums, we are actively promoting the structural transformation of the Lebanese education system.

The aim of our entrepreneurship program is to empower students to develop the traits and skills they need to become ‘entrepreneurs of themselves’. Acquiring this skill set, and the use of On Hand experience, increasing their chances of having access to job opportunities and getting hired.

“You do not need to be an owner to be an Entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is a mindset”.
What is Entrepreneurship summer school?
A pilot project in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) was launched in February 2018, allowing 25 students between 16 and 18 years of age to take part in an entrepreneurship summer camp at Goethe Institut Libanon. The workshop duration was 6 consecutive days from 9:00 till 17:00, in which the focus was on the following skill set: Ideation, innovation, planning, creating a business model, pitching and hackathon.
Lebanese start-ups and instructors from Lebanon, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Jordan met with students from public schools, engaged in joint discussions, developed creative concepts, and in terms tested whether a network platform for companies and students is a suitable learning format.
In addition to the skillset of an Entrepreneur, the participants practiced and developed: critical thinking, initiative, problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration. Using these skill prerequisites, the youth can benefit from entrepreneurship as a method of finding where an opportunity lies and developing it successfully. Entrepreneurship is “Learning through challenges”, which in turn educates the disadvantaged groups of society into discovering effective opportunities.
The follow-up: Career Guidance Day
The next step of our project was a “Career Guidance Day, which aims to lead participants in Job preparedness and application. This workshop took place on March 30 2019 at Goethe Institut Libanon for the Alumni of the “Entrepreneurship Summer School” 2018.
The main focus of this Event was to lead on the knowledge acquired during the summer camp of 2018, by learning the skills and techniques to be integrated in the real world, such as: Design thinking, preparing a Curriculum Vitae (C.V.), preparing a motivational letter.
Moreover, a paid internship program was offered by Goethe Institut Libanon for the upcoming summer school 2019 for 2 needed positions, a Public Relation Assistant and Organizational Assistant. Students had to submit a Curriculum Vitae (C.V.), a motivational letter and go through a real life interview process.  The suitable candidates for the positions of Public Relations and Organizational Assistant were chosen as interns for the entrepreneurship summer school 2019.
Entrepreneurship Summer School 2019:
Due to our last year's success in the Entrepreneurship Summer School of 2018, we continue with the Entrepreneurship Summer School 2019, which took place at Goethe Institut Libanon from 29 July till 3 August 2019.

Project Director: Alexander Kruckenfellner
Project Manager: Rabih Maalouf

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