Ideas Box

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Goethe-Institut Libanon introduced an IDEAS BOX in 2017 to support displaced and marginalised children and young people who have limited or no access to libraries or other sources of informal education.
What is the IDEAS BOX?

When shut, the IDEAS BOX is nothing more than a large box that can be transported on two pallets. When opened and set up, however, it provides much more for children and young people: the box contains 250 books, board games, laptops, tablets, cameras, films and video games, plus the widest range of materials for organising recreational and artistic activities. Once it has been installed in a room, a space for learning and meeting is created. This can be used for workshops and courses, interaction and discussion. The contents of the IDEAS BOX can be used in numerous ways – as a library, a learning and reading platform, a workshop, a cinema or a stage. It provides the infrastructure for educational programmes tailored to specific target groups.

Where is the IDEAS BOX?

The IDEAS BOX is run by the Goethe-Institut Libanon in partnership with the NGO Intersos. The box is currently located south of Beirut in a community centre in Mreije, where it is used by children and young people between ages 7 and 18. Here it is used for cultural educational activities, particularly in the context of psychosocial support programmes for children and young people.
  More about the activities at the IDEAS BOX What happens at the IDEAS BOX?

While the IDEAS BOX is open daily to the public and its equipment is freely available for visitors to use, the Goethe-Institut and Intersos also offer specific sessions and workshops – help with homework and learning English, psychosocial support or film evenings. The programme is continuously updated and is tailored to participants’ requirements.

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A Video About the IDEAS BOX