Ideas Box

IDEAS BOX © Goethe-Institut Libanon/Public Works

The Goethe-Institut Lebanon introduced the IDEAS BOXES in mid-November 2016 to support disadvantaged children, adolescents and adults taking refuge in Lebanon, who have limited or no access to libraries or other sources of informal education.

The IDEAS BOXES are a flexible multimedia tool. Equipped with material to facilitate independent learning and accompanied by workshops and courses, they are a learning lab for all generations. Besides Arabic daily newspapers and approx. 250 books, they also contain laptops, tablets and e-book readers. Besides the learning and further education opportunities, the multimedia devices and a stable Internet connection help people keep in touch with relatives and friends in their home or host countries and allow them to participate in the digital wonders of the World Wide Web.

The boxes also provide a projector for screening films and a stage for theatre projects. Books, films, video games, a camera and various materials are available for recreational purposes and artistic projects. To reach as many people as possible, the IDEAS BOXES change their location within Lebanon every three to four months.

The IDEAS BOXES are a safe haven for informal education information for refugee children, adolescents and adults and also provides a venue for encounters and exchanges.
The project is jointly organized by the Goethe-Institut, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières and InterSOS, with the support of the German Foreign Office.


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