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What is the HUMAN CAMERA?

The HUMAN CAMERA is a short 12 x 12 cm pixie book. Written in English and Arabic, it encourages children to think about their privacy and their rights to their own photographic image in this digital age.

Readers of the HUMAN CAMERA are introduced to two magical cameras that children developed with Stine Marie Jacobsen in the workshop The Grammar of Film. The cameras possess magical powers in order to protect children from misuse of their photographic image. Following this, readers are asked to design and draw their own imaginary cameras so that they can actively address the question of who can make images of them, when and under what circumstances.

This little book HUMAN CAMERA is issued with usage guidelines. It is available free of charge to institutions and private individuals who wish to use it as teaching material.
HUMAN CAMERA is based on the workshop The Grammar of Film by Stine Marie Jacobsen, which took place in November 2017 as part of the IDEAS BOX project.

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