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Calendar for Digital Cultural Events

Film - Illustration von Kinoticket, Filmrolle, Kamera© Goethe-Institut. Illustration: Katta Rasche

Calender for Digital Cultural Events

The arts and culture industry is increasingly going digital these days. To help you keep track of the ever-widening range of live streams and other cultural events available online, we’re posting weekly tips for you here, including everything from cinema and social justice debates to a touch of New York and a whole lot of literature.

Electronic music, instrumental sounds, sound collages and pop music - the next seven days of the event will mainly feature music. The programme also includes theatre, literary criticism and crisis talks.

Wednesday 8 July, 5–6 pm

ON THE COUCH, READY, SET, GO! Totally neutral? Think again. Artificial intelligence is man-made. So prejudices and biases get transferred from humans to machines, and certain groups are discriminated against on the basis of their origins, gender or sexual orientation. How can we prevent that? Machine-learning-design researcher and artist Caroline Sinders (US), Lorena Jaume-Palasí of the Ethical Tech Society (Germany) and Gunay Kazimzade of the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society (Germany) discuss AI and bias in the Goethe-Institut’s discussion series Couch Lessons.
Language: English
>>> Couch Lessons
Thursday 9 July, 7 pm

TOXIC CLOUDS: The police use tear gas to disperse protesters, airplanes spray crops with herbicides and pesticides, and armed forces still use white phosphorus and chlorine gas to spread fear and terror. What are the effects of toxic clouds in various places around the world, such as clouds containing phosphorus and glyphosate in Gaza, methane in Argentina or chlorine in Douma (Syria)? Samaneh Moafi will be speaking at the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe (ZKM) about her field of research, which is known as “forensic architecture”.
>>> Cloud Studies

Friday 10 July, 7.30 pm

COME CLEAN. This is what Jesper Munk’s music is all about: about coming clean with yourself – and about a melancholy feeling which, recollected in tranquillity, may well yield a thing of beautiful. This German-Danish singer from Berlin presents his latest album Favourite Stranger, with a pop-heavier sound than his two previous records. So if you’re in the mood for an honest-to-goodness blend of pop, R&B and soul, check out this live session on Friday.
Language: English
>>> Jesper Munk Live Session
Saturday 11 July, 7–8.30 pm

AD LIBBING is precisely what these improv actors will be doing on Saturday, when they’ve got 60 minutes to create four characters using ideas from a live audience. We’ve no idea what’s in store for us – and neither do the actors themselves.
Language: (tentatively) German
>>> Improstream

Sunday 12 July, 1 pm

DANCE-INSPIRED CLASSICAL MUSIC. Invitations to dance are few and far between nowadays, so we really ought to make the most of them! This latest edition of the Berlin Phil Series features the Berlin Philharmonic’s renditions of classical works inspired by tango, ragtime and waltz. So check out this lively live stream and let the music move you… on your living room dance floor.
>>> The Berlin Phil Series


THE PODCAST-UFO HAS LANDED, unloading its rich cargo of absurdities and witty humour. On their podcast, Florentin Will and Stefan Titze, two comedy writers you might know from the TV show Neo Magazin Royale, promise us „no special edition, no frills, no pre-packaged programming“. Just two funny guys with the gift of the gab.
Language: German

>>> The Podcast UFO 


REALLY VIRTUAL. While most theatres are posting video recordings of their productions on the web or streaming their performances in 2D now in the coronavirus era, the Augsburg State Theatre is banking on virtual reality instead. Their three VR plays Judas, shifting_perspective and Der Mitarbeiter – Tagebuch eines Wahnsinnigen (The Employee: Diary of a Madman) catapult you straight into the thick of the on-stage action with the aid of VR goggles. Sign up for your VR theatre experience now on the Staatstheater website.
>>> VR productions

Tuesday 14 July, 5–7 pm
PANEL DISCUSSION I Visibility Politics & Climate Justice

INSTITUTIONAL RACISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY – IS THERE A CONNECTION? Unfortunately, yes. The climate crisis is a crisis of justice at every level. Conversely, colonial violence past and present is largely responsible for the current climate catastrophe. Meanwhile, the Western European climate movement is often called out for being too white and too privileged. How can we engage a politics of visibility within climate justice movements to shatter systemic exclusions? Whose stories have we heard so far and whose do we need to be listening to now? Two young climate activists, Asuka Kähler and Chihiro Geuzebroek, will be exploring these and other issues with Professor Amanda Boetzkes.
Language: English
>>> Visibility Politics & Climate Justice

About the project

Empty cinemas, closed theatres and galleries, cancelled concerts and poetry slams – the coronavirus is massively impacting cultural life. So more and more artists and organizers are putting their cultural offerings online. Every week we present the latest online events and offers from the German-speaking world of culture and the arts.


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