30 September till 3 October
TALENTS BEIRUT FORUM 2021 / 7th Edition

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The 7th edition of Talents Beirut, an initiative of the Metropolis Association in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Libanon in collaboration with Berlinale Talents, is distinct from the previous ones: how could we keep the same formula in a world we saw changing so drastically?

If Talents Beirut will continue to engage with young film professionals from the four corners of the Arab World to fortify their artistry and their technical skills, building a community of passionate and talented artists and technicians, this year's edition felt like an opportunity to slow down and reflect. The 7th edition of Talents Beirut is dedicated to the alumni of its 6 previous editions, creating a time to learn, share and dream together.
It is with this in mind that Talents Beirut is launching the Talents Beirut Forum, inviting 16 alumni to discuss making films in this ambivalent world.
This 4-day forum aims to create a space where we can get closer together and listen to the professional and personal world we now have to live in. Editing, cinematography and sound design sessions will continue to produce new learning experiences, while time will be given to group discussions, master-classes and a very special Think Tank focused on sound and the impact of the feedback effect.
13 online closed sessions dedicated to the alumni, will be given by the following expert and speakers in Arabic:
Wissam Tanios (Filmmaker), Kamal El Mallakh (Editor), Sara Kaddouri (Sound Designer), Bassem Fayad (Cinematographer), Eliza Levy (Filmmaker), Rania Stephan (Filmmaker), Rana Eid (Sound Designer), Larry Sider (Sound Designer), Oualid Mouannes (Filmmaker), Natalie Johns (Filmmaker), Amjad Abou Alala (Filmmaker), Karim Ghorayeb (Cinematographer) Heba Othman (Editro).
“Think Tank - Listen! Noise, spaces and the feedback effect A conversation between Larry Sider and Rana Eid”, an open online session will take place on October 2nd from 1:30 pm till 4:30 pm and held in English. This session can be follow on Talents Beirut Facebook event page.
We hope these rich sessions over 4 intensive days will stimulate our invited guests and push them to fulfil their vision of bold filmmaking!
Talents Beirut is an initiative organized by Metropolis Art Cinema and the Goethe-Institut Libanon, in collaboration with Berlinale Talents and in partnership with DB Studios.