The eight ArtEvolution artists are working on six projects which they develop throughout a five months long reflection period in which they are supported by trainings, funds and mentoring. Photographer Nader Bahsoun portrayed them on their way of research and project development.

Ahlam Dirani, Rima Kaddissi

Body Reflection

"Body Reflection" is an experiential research project designed to create intimate spaces for sharing stories from the Bekaa area, on shame, internalized oppression, and absence/presence of body awareness, through performances, discussions, and interviews.

Christian Sleiman

A Seasonal Ritual 

A „seasonal ritual” is an invitation to forage, cook and serve food for each other. The work weaves a collection of recipes and experiments around the culture of utilising shrubs and serving food. The food we serve, the body we nourish and the table we’re gathered on become a vessel of generational knowledge. 

Hashem Hashem, Patricia Nammour

 I Am The Same, Yet So Different

The performance reflects on experiences of transitioning of the body, the affect and the physical city. It explores the depth and "essence" of individual and collective identity in an agitated world that is marked by sharp transformations. Who are we when our personal features and the core of our city change? What remains of us?


Nicolas Fattouh

 The Sun Is Warmer At Night

I have always been jealous of the sea. It is the only body that touches the sun. When they kiss, they fill the sky with the warmest colours... "The Sun is Warmer at Night" is an immersive performance following the journey of a static, unlovable body trying to become the sea.


Nivine El Kallas


A performance looking at dance-mania rituals as a means of coming closer to the spirit, to encounter the divine, as well as Dance as a form of sacred art.

Nohad El Hajj

I Walk, I Read, I Stand Still 

An experimental and site specific research on the potentials of walking as an artistic medium, where alternative forms of knowledge emerge especially around transformation and connection in complex cities such as Beirut.