General Terms and Conditions

1. The examination regulations and the implementing rules of the Goethe Institute apply.
1.1 The examination has to be completed in its entirety. All candidates have to take part on the same day in the written as well as the oral examination. All candidates have to present an ID before the written and the oral examination.
1.2 The candidate has the right of withdrawal before the examination. In this case, as well as in the case of dismissal from the examination, the paid fees will not be reimbursed. ( see examination regulations parag.12)
1.3 In case the candidate does not take part in the written and/or oral examination or appears late at the examination center, he/she is not authorized to take part in the examination. The examination fees will not be reimbursed. The results will not be published.
1.4 In case the candidate does not begin the examination or interrupts the examination for causes of illness, the examination center has to be informed within 5 working days upon presentation of a medical certificate. The examination fees will be taken into consideration on the next registration, withholding an administration charge of 20%.
1.5 Candidates with specific needs have the possibility, upon presentation of a written request, to complete the examination under special conditions and within a special examination period. For more information, please contact the examination center.
1.6 Loss of certificate: in case of loss, a substitute of the certificate can be issued within a period of 10 years. The issuing of a substitute is liable to costs.
1.7 The particulars of the candidates will not be passed on.

2. Registration
2.1 Only candidates who registered in due course and time have the right to complete the examinations. Once paid, examination fees will not be reimbursed.

3. Information concerning the examination procedure
3.1 Mobile phones as well as other technical recording or play back devices are prohibited in the examination room. The use of such items is equally prohibited during the breaks. Non-compliance of this rule leads to dismissal.
3.2 Any objections against the exam’s administration have to be raised immediately after the completion of the exam with the head of the examination center (see examination regulations paragraph 21).

4. Results and certificates
4.1 The candidates have the possibility to check their results on the internet by entering their candidate number and their date of birth.
4.2 Successful candidates can withdraw their certificate at the language department during office hours.
4.3 Any objections against the results of the examination have to be raised within two weeks after the publication of the results in writing addressed to the head of the examination center. Unfounded or insufficiently founded requests can be dismissed by the Goethe Institute (see examination regulations paragraph 21)