The Cinema of the Berlin School Marseille

Marseille © Filmgalerie 451

Wed, 09.05.2018

7:00 PM

Goethe-Institut Libanon | Media Lounge

Angela Schanelec, 2004, 95 min

Wanting a change in life, the young photographer Sophie exchanges her apartment in Berlin with one in Marseille. It is February and Marseille appears rough and closed although the sun shines bright. Sophie strolls around, she is alone and she takes photos. In an automobile repair shop she asks a young mechanic, Pierre, if he can get her a car. Two days later, Sophie and Pierre meet again in a bar. Both are mesmerized by the easiness of not knowing anything about each other. After returning to Berlin, Sophie realizes that she does not want to live her old life. She decides to travel a second time to Marseille.

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