The Cinema of the Berlin School The City Below

Unter dir die Stadt © Unter dir die Stadt

Wed, 23.05.2018

7:00 PM

Goethe-Institut Libanon | Media Lounge

Christoph Hochhaeusler, 2010, 109 min

A by-chance meeting at a mandatory cultural event. Roland Cordes, 55, member of the board of a large bank, meets the wife of a new employee: Svenja Steve, 33. There is an immediate attraction between the two. When a bank manager is murdered in Indonesia, Cordes seizes his chance: He suggests Svenja’s husband Oliver for the position, even though there are better qualified people to take the job. But Cordes’ power is far-reaching and Oliver is transferred to Jakarta. Not knowing that Cordes is responsible for her husband’s relocation, Svenja starts an affair with Cordes that has dramatic consequences.


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