Tashweesh – From behind the Screen
Followed by a Q&A with Sandra Schäfer

Tashweesh Nancy Naser Al Deen

Sat, 17.11.2018

Goethe-Institut Libanon | Media Lounge


From the film collection of Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art in Berlin, program curated by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus (GER)

Al-Khoroug lel-nahar (Coming Forth By Day) | Hala Lotfy
EGYPT/ UAE 2013, 101 min (Arabic with English subtitles)

One day in the life of Soad, who lives with her mother and bed-ridden father on the outskirts of Cairo. While bright sunlight and the sounds of the city can be made out behind the half-closed shutters, everything in the flat exudes the smell of old age, sickness and stagnation. Hala Lotfy’s debut focuses on the relationship between light and shadow, within and without, life and death.

On a Monday | Tamer El Said
EGYPT 2005, 7 min (Arabic with English subtitles)

Love emerges in the details in this innovatively simple day-in-the-life story of a married couple who one random Monday discover each other anew due to a change in routine.

23 Barbiepuppen kippen um (23 Barbie Dolls Collapse) | Dagie Brundert
GERMANY 1988, 4 min

Found 23 barbie dolls at Woolworth on a bargain table, bought them, set them free, lined them up, having a hell of fun to let them collapse. Nothing more nothing less.

Tarahi II | Haris Epaminonda
CYPRUS 2006, 4 min

A clip of footage of a hotel-room TV, during the artist’s visit to Egypt, a famous Egyptian actress is re-captured, re-edited, in a sequence of close-ups, placed in cuts and repetition, in a contemplative conversation with herself.

Have you ever killed a bear? or Becoming Jamila | Marwa Arsanios
LEBANON 2014, 25 min (Arabic with English subtitles)

A video that uses the history of a magazine – Cairo’s Al-Hilal ‘50s and ‘60s collection – as the starting point for an inquiry into Jamila Bouhired, the Algerian freedom fighter. From the different representations of Jamila in cinema to her assimilation and promotion through the magazine, the performance attempts to look at the history of socialist projects in Egypt, anti-colonial wars in Algeria, and the way they have promoted and marginalized feminist projects.

The Making of a Demonstration | Sandra Schäfer
GERMANY 2004, 11 min (Dari/German with English subtitles)

The film focusses on the reenactment of a demonstration of women against the prohibition of work introduced by the Taliban. The shots were taken during the shooting of the Afghan feature film Osama in November 2002 in the streets of Kabul. 1000 women had come to play in this scene. Their personal experiences were identical with the ones of the protagonists.

followed by a Q&A with SANDRA SCHÄFER (Filmmaker, GER)
Sandra Schäfer is an artist. Her artistic works deal with the production of urban and transregional spaces, history, and visual politics. Her works have been shown in exhibitions internationally. She has been a member of the feminist distribution project Cinenova in London since 2010.

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