Theatre Lebanon's European Theatre Festival 2018

Fri, 12.10.2018

Al Madina Theatre


The Metamorphosis | After Franz Kafka

What does Kafka’s story of metamorphosis mean in Lebanon in 2018? A theater group integrating Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese young actors performs their interpretation of Kafka's The Metamorphosis. A love of the sea, racism in schools and exclusion from work, taking refuge from daily life on social media, a fear of the dark – these are interweaving stories offering a glimpse into the lives of the group members, each one of them either growing up with refugee status or without parents. Following a participatory theatre-making process that started in July, the group came together for the first time to build this production from scratch. Co-directed by Lama Amine and Victoria Lupton of theatre and arts organization Seenaryo, the production seeks to unlock the urgent voices of young people too often silenced.

Presented within the frame of Lebanon’s European Theater Festival 2018

Participants: Ahmed Asfar, Abed el Jalil Dahshe, Farah Hendawi, Hanan Hendawi, Rania Jamal, Mohamed Kaw, Fatima Naiim, Ahmed Takreti, Samer Zaher, Amina Sahloul, Ahmed Daifallah, Baneen Sahloul, Tasneem Rajoub, Sara Sahloul
Co-Directors: Lama Amine and Victoria Lupton
Set design: Ghida Hashisho

The premiere of The Metamorphosis on 12 October will be followed by a short Q&A with the participants and co-directors.
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