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Colomboscope is a contemporary arts festival and creative platform for interdisciplinary dialogue that has grown steadily within the cultural landscape of Colombo since 2013.

Colomboscope 2019© Colomboscope
The Many Headed Hydra, Hydra flags, When the Sea Looks Back, A Serpent's Tale, 2017. Installation view at Colomboscope 2019: Sea Change. Photo Credit: Ruvin de Silva. Photograph: Ruvin de Silva ©Colomboscope

About Colomboscope

The festival has worked with a range of intergenerational artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, social theorists and scientific researchers from Sri Lanka and internationally delivering a focused programme with each festival edition held at key historic sites in Colombo. Several of the cultural practitioners participating in Colomboscope have gone on to show their work within regional and international exhibitions.

Language Is Migrant ©Colomboscope

Upcoming Edition
Language Is Migrant

The seventh edition of Colomboscope journeys from a poem-manifesto by Chilean artist and poet Cecilia Vicuña titled 'Language is Migrant'. Find out more about the next festival edition and the curatotial concept.  

Colomboscope Residenzen für Künstler*innen ©Colomboscope

Tandem Residencies

This initiative focuses on artistic research, site-responsive production and durational approaches within contemporary cultural practice through month-long residencies for artistic producers hosted in two different coastal and rural regions of Sri Lanka. 

We Are From Here, video still of the digital series #untiltomorrow (episode 2), 2020, commissioned by Colomboscope We Are From Here

Online Series

As a reaction to the pandemic, Colomboscope turned to several visual artists, musicians and filmmakers who have been associated with the festival’s network with the wish to sustain primary acts of reading, listening and viewing.

A Thousand Channels ©Colomboscope

Online Radio
A Thousand Channels

Taking its title from Édouard Glissant’s Poetics of Relation (“one way ashore, a thousand channels”), this four-part online radio programme features conversation, poetry, music, specially commissioned sound works and guest radio projects in the lead-up to Colomboscope 2021, and will also form part of the festival’s listening space in Colombo.