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Kälam – a space for cultural encounters ©Kälam

About Kälam

This initiative run by independent arts professional Kirutharshan Nicholas aims to build bridges between artists, writers, intellectuals, academics and those involved in all forms of creative activities from Jaffna, Germany and elsewhere. The space functions as an interactive site through exchanges, collaborations, and supports art practitioners who explore imaginative paths beyond traditional horizons.

Kälam actively contributes to quenching the thirst for cultural work in the Northern part of Sri Lanka through collaborations with the Goethe-Institut and other partners.

Amongst other activities, Kälam hosts photography exhibitions, regular film screenings, thematic symposiums, literary exchanges, artist lead workshops and is a home for dancers and performers who take an interest in contemporary practices.

Kälam is also preparing to establish German language classes in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut to fill an existing gap in the North.

Kälam is a multifaceted Tamil word with many meanings. It is spelled with the German Umlaut "ä" to match the Tamil pronunciation.

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Kälam © Kälam

Digitale Kulturelle Begegnungen

After its opening on 18 February 2020, Kälam aimed to soon host small exhibitions, performances and artist gatherings across all genres. With the outbreak of the global Covid19 pandemic, the following island wide curfew and the vision of creating a space for people to meet, exchange and share ideas had to be changed. 

1st Anniversary Kälam ©Kälam

One-Year Anniversary

Celebrating it's first year of existence, Kälam - a space for cultural encounters - opened its doors on the 18. February 2021 to invited members of the creative community in Jaffna for the opening of the exhibtion "One & Many" by poet and artist P. Ahilan and a series of contemporary performances.

The Story of Oluvil Pallakkadu Elephants ©Tharmapalan Tilaxan

Photography Exhibition
The Story of Oluvil Pallakkadu Elephants

For many months Tharmapalan Tilaxan has observed the Oluvil Pallakkadu elephants who live on an open garbage dump amidst the jungles of the Eastern Province, he has documented the hazards this poses to the local elephant population.