TV-Conference (c) Goethe-Institut

Television in public interest

In order to enable more interested people to access and discuss the TV films of "International Public Television" (INPUT). In 2019 INPUT will travel to Bangkok upon the invitation of Thai PBS, Thailand’s young public broadcaster founded in 2008.

Science Film Festival 2019

Science Film Festival 2019

In 2019, the event takes place internationally in over 20 countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa from October 07 to December 23. ​

Colombo Dance Platform 2016 © Malaka Mp

Dancing in Sri Lanka

The Goethe-Institut offers the possibility to exchange ideas with different formats to professional dancers as well as students who would like to think outside the box of their traditional dance spectrum.

Photo project © Andy Spyra

Photo Project
`Photographic journal of a roadtrip`

Sri Lankan photographers submitted their best shots on protecting our environment, climate change and motives that move us humans to interact responsibly with our environment. German multiple award winning photographer Andy Spyra and German-Sri Lankan conceptual photographer selected a diverse group to be mentored by them on a 10-day travelling workshop.

Arts Festival (c) Goethe-Institut


The sixth edition of the multidisciplinary arts festival,
COLOMBOSCOPE will engage the oceanic frontier,
entwining marine ecologies and seafaring histories to
conceive an archipelago of ideas.

Literarisches Übersetzen unter digitalen Vorzeichen (c) Goethe-Institut Seoul

Literary Translation
Social Translating

The Merck Social Translating Project is testing a new social practice for literary translation.
Ten translators from Asia are translating a German-language novel into their respective native languages. During the process, they meet in a closed digital forum and work on their translations by interacting with one another and engaging in a close discourse with the author.

Wohin? 21 Fragen zu Flucht und Migration Photo: Nassim Rouchiche

Where To? 21 Questions on Flight and Migration

One theme, 21 questions, around 49 authors and intellectuals: the project "Where To?" shows how differently the theme of "flight and migration" is experienced and pondered all around the world.

Foto: Poets Translating Poets

Poets Translating Poets

Poets from South Asia and Germany translate each other's poems.

Popcast © Goethe-Institut | Illustration: DOON 東

Current Music from Germany

In our June Popcast moderator Angie Portmann presents music by Friends of Gas, Golden diskó ship, Östro 430, Pole and Shantel. Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electro: every month we shine our search beacon into the nation’s studios and clubs.

 Filmstill: © 180 Seconds Beijing

180 Seconds City

Get out of the city! This time, our filmmakers roam through peri-urban districts and suburbs, because “Periphery” is the theme of the seventh and final season of 180 Seconds City.