TV-Conference (c) Goethe-Institut

Television in public interest

The Goethe-Institute Sri Lanka supports TV experts in their effort to create television that caters to the public interest. The annual international public television (INPUT) conference offers fresh impulses.

Science Film Festival

Science Film Festival

In 2017, the Science Film Festival takes place internationally in numerous countries in Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa from October 06 to December 18 and invites visitors to enjoy the best in international science communication and to explore this year’s theme of highlighting the human imprint on the planet.

Foto: Poets Translating Poets

Poets Translating Poets

Poets from South Asia and Germany translate each other's poems.

Wohin? 21 Fragen zu Flucht und Migration Photo: Nassim Rouchiche

Where To? 21 Questions on Flight and Migration

One theme, 21 questions, around 49 authors and intellectuals: the project "Where To?" shows how differently the theme of "flight and migration" is experienced and pondered all around the world.

Arts Festival (c) Goethe-Institut

Arts Festival

Cinnamon Colomboscope is a contemporary and multidisciplinary arts festival.