Language Is Migrant ©Mooniak

Language is Migrant

The journey toward Colomboscope 2021 commences with Chilean poet and artist Cecilia Vicuña's lyrical provocation 'Language is Migrant':
Language is migrant. Words move from language to language, from culture to culture, from mouth to mouth. Our bodies are migrants, cells and bacteria are migrants too. Even galaxies migrate.

The festival will evoke embodied terrains of language flows and bodies in motion. Stories of belonging are becoming ever more hybrid and unfinished encounters beyond the anchored histories of a singular geography, since mobility and immobility are equally the shifting grounds of our planetary existence. In times of social alienation and weaponised language that leave us in search for a lexicon toward generative life, the contemporary arts build enduring comprehension, anti-systemic kinship and deeper listening, for speaking near by and across great distances. The festival will endeavour to migrate in part through commissioned artistic projects that are site-responsive with residencies, workshops, and open studios taking place in different regions of the island in 2020 before arriving to venues in Colombo, 21 - 31 January 2021.