Artists in conversation © Colomboscope

Rural Tandem Residencies

This recently launched initiative focuses on artistic research, site-responsive production and durational approaches within contemporary cultural practice through month-long residencies for international and local artists to work together in communities all across the island. 

Invited artists will work closely with community mediators and local practitioners exploring aspects of social memory, oral histories, diasporic narratives, informal pedagogy, sonic archives and traditional arts. Each residency will include an ‘Open Studio’ with accompanying elements such as workshops, live acts, networking dialogues and screenings as part of contextualizing cultural processes for local audience groups and extending the impact generated by Colomboscope Festival. 

The tandem residencies for international and local artists* are financed by the "European Houses of Culture" grant from EUNIC Global as well as regional funds from the Goethe-Institut. Due to the ongoing travel restrictions, Colomboscope has to delay these plans but hopes to still be able to partially manifest them before the festival.