Photography Project (c) Andy Spyra

Photographic journal of a roadtrip

Following an open photography call asking Sri Lankan photographers to submit their best shots on protecting our environment, climate change and motives that move us humans to interact responsibly with our environment, German multiple award winning photographer Andy Spyra and German-Sri Lankan conceptual photographer selected a diverse group to be mentored by them on a 10-day travelling workshop.
Tilaxan Tharmapalan, Shehan Obeysekera, Prageeth Wimalarathne, Munira Mutaher, Sandranathan Rubatheesan, Dilanka Bandara, Tashiya de Mel and Reza Akram will have the pleasure of being mentored by Liz and Andy as having a rich peer group to share ideas, knowledge and experiences with each other while exploring the theme of ecology in different regions of the island.

Get to know them and their work here:

Andy Spyra (Mentor)

Photographer Andy Spyra (c) Andy Spyra

Andy Spyra (Mentor)

Andy Spyra is a German photographer, who was born in 1984 in Hagen. After graduation, he traveled through Central America and Southeast Asia, where he discovered his love for photography.

Liz Fernando (Mentor)

Photographer Liz Fernando (c) Liz Fernando

Liz Fernando (Mentor)

Liz Fernando, a German of Sri Lankan descent, is an award-winning artist and photographer. She holds a degree from the prestigious LCC photography programme at the University of Arts, London.

Selected Photographers

Photographer Tilaxan Tharmapalan (c) Tilaxan Tharmapalan

Photographic journey of a roadtrip
Tilaxan Tharmapalan

Tilaxan Tharmapalan is a Jaffna based free-lance photographer, mostly working on traditional subjects such a Savaari (bull cart races), architecture, Theer (chariots), woodcarvings and portraits.

Photographer Shehan Obeysekera (c) Shehan Obeysekera

Photographic journey of a roadtrip
Shehan Obeysekera

Shehan Obeysekera is a freelance photographer who’s concern it is to find a way to radically transform our modern day culture to be affectionate, caring and wholesome in its thinking towards all of nature.

Photographer Prageeth Wimalarathna (c) Prageeth Wimalarathna

Photographic journey of a roadtrip
Prageeth Wimalarathna

Prageeth Wimalarathne is a creative director in a leading advertising agency and a freelance photographer for over 10 years. He has been researching and working on water and the importance to protect it ever since University.

Photographer Munira Mutaher (c) Munira Mutaher

Photographic journey of a roadtrip
Munira Mutaher

Munira Mutaher is a development practitioner and photographer from Colombo. She is looking forward to exploring the relationship between humans and their environment through storytelling and conceptual photography.

Photographer Sandranathan Rubatheesan (c) Sandranathan Rubatheesan

Photographic journey of a roadtrip
Sandranathan Rubatheesan

Sandranathan Rubatheesan is a freelance journalist from Jaffna that took up photography realizing its potential as a tool for storytelling noticing a lack of reporting on critical reporting on important issues in the main stream media.

Photographer Dilanka Bandara (c) Dilanka Bandara

Photographic journey of a roadtrip
Dilanka Bandara

Dilanka Bandara is a trainee architect after recently having graduated from the University of Moratuwa. Dilanka has a keen interest in photography which he likes to use as a medium to show the experience of his travels all around Sri Lanka.

Photographer Ramanathan Parilojithan (c) Ramanathan Parilojithan

Photographic journey of a roadtrip
Ramanathan Parilojithan

Ramanathan Parilojithan, was was born in Batticaloa in 1993. He got his following “Art & Design” Bachelor degree at the Fine Arts at the University of Jaffna and has a keen interest in photography, short films, painting and art.

Photographer Tashiya de Mel (c) Tashiya de Mel

Photographic journey of a roadtrip
Tashiya de Mel

Tashya de Mel is a professional communication strategist with an eye for portraying stories in a unique way. She runs the blog “Lost in Ceylon” in an effort to showcase a different perspective on travel in Sri Lanka, where she also highlights the reality of current environmental issues.

Photographer Reza Akram (c) Reza Akram

Photographic journey of a roadtrip
Reza Akram

Reza Akram has been taking photographs since 1997 but is working as a professional photographer having worked for UNHCR, IUCN & featured work on Huffington Post, Geo magazine, Condé Nast Traveller, and many others since 2009.