`Photographic journal of a roadtrip` - Workshop

The photographic journal of a road trip included the following places: Colombo - Kallpitiya - Ella - Colombo. From these places various stations were visited, which deal with the relationship between humanity and earth.

The route started at the Colombo Port, which followed an introductory event by the mentors at the Goethe-Institut in order to be able to use the theory and form them into practice. After the photo sessions the participants needed to make a selection of their best shots. All the pictures were collected by the mentors, and discussed in the whole photoproject group. This feedback session helped the participants to be confronted with constructive critic, but mostly with their individual strengths. At the end of the workshop, each participant should be able to communicate the storytelling of his project not only in terms of content, but also with a self-developed visual style.
The following days of the workshop were structured the same: Shooting of the individual projects - selection of their own pictures - feedback session with mentors. The photographers had the chance to develop their new knowledge by a topic that, according to their own motivation, was very dear to their hearts.

The following projects were selected:

- The Meethothamulla: Garbage Dump
- Ashes Station
- Belipola: Analog Forest
 - Uma Oya: Tunneling Project
- Village, which is separated from any water supply

The results of the photo workshop were presented directly afterwards in a slide show presentation by the individual participants and presented in the Goethe-Institut.

During the workshop, Tilaxan Tharmapalan, Shehan Obeysekera, Prageeth Wimalarathne, Munira Mutaher, Sandranathan Rubatheesan, Dilanka Bandara, Ramanathan Parilojithan, Tashiya de Mel and Reza Akram did not only had the opportunity to be taught by the photographers Andy Spyra and Liz Fernando, but also had a platform to share their ideas, knowledge and experiences while exploring the topic of ecology in different regions of the island.