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INPUT Brooklyn 2018 - Submissions Sri Lanka

We are happy to announce, that the production “A House is not a Home” from the Sri Lankan director Kanchane Marasinghe (Rupavahini TV) has been chosen for the INPUT 2018 (30 April - 4 May) Television Conference and will be screened on Tuesday 1st May in Brooklyn (New York), USA.

We also would like to thank all six Sri Lankan directors who submitted their productions to the INPUT Brooklyn 2018.

Ranga Bandaranayake has 22 years of experience in the Sri Lankan television industry as a TV director and producer and 20 years of experience in Sri Lanka Rupavahini  Corporation as a TV drama and programme producer. Within his career he has completed 48 single episode television dramas, for which he was awarded Best Single Episode Drama Director twice (2004, 2010) and three TV serial dramas, that have been nominated for 22 award categories at  four national TV award festivals, where they won several awards. Besides those major achievements, Bandaranayake has done many documentaries, magazine programmes and live programmes. In 2013 one of his projects won the Best Educational Programme of the year award at Raigam TV Awards.

A remarkable growth is observed all over the world in the percentage of suicide out of total deaths.   The tragedy of Sri Lanka is that it holds a top rank in suicide ratio.  Constant discussions and reviews are made on the reasons for this issue whilst making different approaches to eliminate this social epidemic This documentary is based on a true story of a person who was the former member of suicide carder in Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE). Since 1983 to 2009, there was twenty six years of war between LTTE and the government military forces in Sri Lanka. LTTE was a separatist guerilla movement who had its own suicide squad in order to destroy the vital political figures and the important venues of the country. They used special bombs which have been attached to their bodies and they detonate the bomb once they meet their target. Nearly more than 40 people have committed suicide under the name of their movement and the liberation of their people. This story is based on how and why these youngsters joined this suicide squad.
Film Director Ranga Bandaranayake
Film Director
Sandaruwan Thilakarathna joined Asia Broadcasting Corporation (Hiru TV) in 1996 as a script writer and executive producer. He has accomplished more than 50 projects, among which have been live programs, docu dramas, promo videos and documentaries. His work was awarded several times, e.g. Best religious program (2015) and Special Jury Awards (2014) at the Rupawahini State Awards and Special Jury award (2014) at Raigam Tele’s awards.

The film is based on Men and Woman who carry HIV and how they face the society. The drama documentary was created taking the above topic, it begins with a person’s life before he contacted HIV and what life style he led, his mental, social capacity and how you fall in to the trap of becoming a victim of the deadly disease. The documentary is presented by a leading film actress Ms. Chandani Seneviratne. She was visiting places such as parks, beaches and streets to speak mainly to the women and that way she was able to find the deep meaning to the life these HIV victims live.
Film Director Sandaruwan Thilakarathna
Film Director
Athula Peiris joined Rupavahini(National Television) in 1996 as a TV producer and director. His artistry began from stage drama in 1979. Athula has produced 28 short plays and 5 length plays. Among his number of plays, Subha Saranaghatha became best play in Youth Drama Festival (1986) and Pasmaha Belum (an adaptation of German dramatist Bertolt Brecht's Measure Taken) are significant. Oedipus is in his adaptation of Greek Dramatist Sophocles. He has won national and international awards for his works, among others, best TV drama awards for Theggen Thegga (Cherished Gift) in 2007 and Best Children TV drama award for Sindu Kiyana Unapandura (Bamboo Song) in 2002. Pinkama (Meritorious Action) was nominated for ABU PRIZES 2017(Indonesia) and selected for the INPUT 2017 festival screening in Greece.

The tale play revolves around the main character Shanty, a retired teacher aged 65. Shanthi became alone after the death of her husband. She is reluctant to forget her late husband Nevil and, She is in the feeling that Nevil is still living close to her. Therefore she mentally converse with him. She desires to keep and protect all properties including her house, lands and others. Because of her boundless desires in secular life she lives under stress and without ease in her mind.  Invisible Nevil advise her to leave everything, but she is not in favors. The conflict runs through the tele play – How ever she had to leave everything or depart relationships and properties. Finally she was able to relax her mind.
Film Director Athula Peiris
Film Director
Mr. Santhus Liyanage is a well-known and award-winning TV producer in Sri Lanka. After completing the Diploma in Mass Media from University of Colombo he has joined with Rupavahini in 1990. Since then he has given his maximum contribution to  Rupavahini by producing unique dramas including “Kahala Nadaya”,”Wishwanthara”,”Dulipintharoo”. Today he is working under the Drama unit as a senior producer and in the media field he has covered 28 years with success. Thus far he has produced nearly 500 programs including live, documentaries, studio productions, National Festivals and Tele dramas. Also he has been recognized internationally in various award ceremonies and his drama “Wishwanthara” was among the best six dramas at Soul International Award Ceremony 2007.  In the local fields he received 16 awards in “Sumathi”, “Raigam” and State awards ceremonies for his outstanding tele dramas. By participating with the international training programs organized by ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) and AIBD (Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development) he has acquired an immense of knowledge in TV production. Santhusa is serving Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation with his unique talents. Because of the diffenet models he used by breaking the monotony in the TV productions he was able to add value to the Rupavahini standards while collecting a large audience around him.

Piyal is fifty years old unmarried person. He is suffering from serious illness. He has nothing to do to evade his loneliness. One day he thinks of finding the girl friend whom he felt in love when he was young. He follows her old address. He finds that his old girl friend was passed away. Her husband still lives but he has some health issues. Piyal’s old girl friend’s daughter recognizes Piyal , Because her mother had told about Piyal. Daughter of Piyal’s old girl friend is an artist. She wants piyal to stay at home for two days, because she wants to draw a portrait of Piyal. At the end of the painting Piyal leaves home giving money to the daughter for curing her father. Piyal thinks that is the good deed to do on behalf of her old girl friend.
Film Director Santhusa Liyanage
Film Director
Mr. Kanchane Marasinghe is a TV Producer & Director, who has been working for national television for 26 years. The travel documentary he produced, “Seri Sara”, won the Best current affairs program-State Media Awards 2006.  He is specialized in environmental TV program production. As a TV producer, he has produced many current affairs programs and documentaries by discussing many current issues in the country. Following his first scholarships at DW, Television training center in Berlin, he used that knowledge for his program production and didn’t hesitate to share the knowledge with his colleagues. Apart from Television he has been engaged doing photography, winning several awards for his creativity in that field. He obtained a post graduate degree in Media from the university of Colombo.

This story focuses on Jayantha, who lives in Colombo city. His and his neighbors’ houses were taken by the government for various urban development projects by using mostly military force rather than negotiations. They are relocated in newly built storied houses with other groups from Colombo. Eventually this new place generates numerous issues related to the Infrastructure of the building and the various ethnic and cultural communities. Jayantha organizes and leads the community to solve these issues with government authority while having their own solutions within his community.

Kanchane Marasinghe
Film Director
Sandya Withanawasam obtained her basic degree from Patrice Lumumba Friendship University in Russia 1994 and completed her Master degree in International Communication 1996. She joined Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation as a programme producer in 1998 and since then she has been involved in producing documentary programmes related to health, women’s issues, religion etc. She won a merit award at the state award festival for the documentary produced on world’s best health worker who hails from Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. She also won the award for the best television journalist for reproductive health in year 2007 and 2010. She was awarded for the best magazine programme at the state awards festival in 2013 and 2014 for her programme “Ayubowewa”. She has participated in a number of  television workshops on television production.  

Princy Mangalika gets infected with HIV by her husband and becomes the victim of social insult. Villagers set fire on her house.  Her two kids are expelled from the school. She is unable to tolerate pain and social insult and thinks several time to commit suicide. But, eventually she determines to live on behalf of her two kids. She flees to her parents’ house. Princy meets a woman, a doctor who is infected HIV and enlightens the reality of life. She joins a NGO to work for the HIV infected people. Finally she builds her own NGO to fight for the protection of the HIV infected people and eliminate the humiliation against them.    
Sandya Withanawasam
Film Director