Digital Cultural Encounters

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Digital cultural encounters

Kalam - a space for cultural encounters was soft opened on the 18. February 2020 aiming to soon host small exhibitions, performances and artist gatherings across all genres. With the outbreak of the global Covid19 pandemic, the following island wide curfew and now the socially distanced slow return to normalcy the vision of creating a space for people to meet, exchange and share ideas had to be changed. Until it will be possible to safely return to this vision Kälam will create cultural encounters that everyone can participate in from the safety at home: 

Kälam Artist Home Studio Visits
Kälam has been visiting artists in their home studios and will feature a series of artist videos in which artists share their practice, personal stories and exemplary works. The  program will feature series on different topics like Memory, Tradition and Heritage, Migration and Identity and Gender and Plurality. 

Kälam is an independent arts initiative for cultural encounters managed by Nicholas Kirutharshan and supported by the Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka. Please excuse that Kälam does not have the resources and expertise to subtitle the talks and conversations at this point.

Digital Encounters (English)

Digital Encounters (Tamil)