Live Stream Concert & Live Concert with limited capacity Soundroom Session: Senkola Sanniya

Sound Room Sessions #15 © Musicmatters

Wednesday, 20 April 2022, 5.00 pm

featuring Amila Sandaruwan, Sarani Perera, Dinelka Liyanage, Sumudi Suraweera, Uvindu Perera, Sithija Dilshan and Isuru Kumarasinghe.

Musicmatters presents the Senkola Sanniya! Performed at Galle Face.

The Senkolaya (the Mace, the symbol of authority of Parliament) of Sri Lanka has been under the influence of a Senkola Yaka (a Mace Demon) for several past decades. The Senkola Sanniya attempts to throw out this evil spirit from the Senkole and encourages Sri Lankan citizens to continue their demands for a real change to move on from the established system of corrupt politics, highlighting the importance of choosing their parliamentary representatives wisely.

Artists: Amila Sandaruwan, Sarani, Perera, Sumudi Suraweera, Isuru Kumarasinghe, Dinelka Liyanage, Sithija Dilshan, Uvindu Perera.