Fri, 23.05.2014

Goethe Hall

A platform for both established and upcoming artists alike

Bordermovement Lounge; a platform for both established and upcoming artists alike, as well as people who simply want to discover the sounds of the freshest acts on the local scene. The groovy space with its laid-back atmosphere opens its doors to the public once every three months. With a small and careful selection of artists showcasing their work each night, the lounge hopes to foster a more open and interactive culture of electronic music performance, as well as more well-rounded appreciation from the local music community.

In this, the fourth edition of the lounge, Bordermovement will feature DJ sets and live performances by some of the lounge's resident artists as well as other special guest acts. Bordermovement lounge is also happy to announce that this will be the first use of its eagerly awaited, brand new Funktion One soundsystem.

Come and experience electronic music the way it is meant to be heard!