Film Series Tito`s Glasses

Film Series (c) Goethe-Institut

Friday, 30. June 2017, 07:00 pm.

Goethe Hall

Adriana Altaras, born in 1960 in Zagreb to Jewish parents, pursued a career in Germany as an actress, director and writer. Now she is looking for her roots. The journey takes her from Berlin via Gießen to Croatia, Italy and back again. The road movie TITO’S GLASSES examines a painful and sometimes comic family history affected by the Holocaust, going back to the years of World War II, the German occupation of Yugoslavia and the Partisan resistance movement. Through her journey through the places of the past, Adriana Altaras poses questions about her own complicated and ultimately very European identity.

Director: Regina Schilling, colour, HD, 90 min., 2014