Film (c) Sivamohan Sumathy

Wednesday, 05. July 2017, 06:00pm.

Goethe Hall

Sons & Fathers

The Tamil musician, Rex Periyasamy, is the lead composer in Sinhala films. At the height of his career he marries Kanthi, a Sinhala woman, in keeping with the multicultural milieu of the country's film industry. They settle down to a life of prosperity, hopes, and dreams for themselves and their son, Lucky, and daughter, Mala. Sons and Fathers turns the creative lens upon the history of the film industry in Sri Lanka and its chequered path, by narrating the story of two generations of musicians who are caught in the whirlpool of political turbulence, the Tamil separatist war in the north and growing anti-Tamil sentiments in the country.

Following by a discussion with Anomaa Rajakaruna.