Film Series Nargis: When Time Stopped Breathing

Film Series (c) Goethe-Institut

Friday, 18. August 2017, 07:00pm.

Goethe Hall

In May 2008 a cyclone called Nargis raged for hours in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwaddy Delta, killing 140,000 people. Seven days after the storm, several young Burmese filmmakers made their way – carefully, since filming was banned by the government – to villages that had been utterly devastated, and met people who had lost everything to the cyclone. They recorded scenes that touched them to the core, moving through a world that appeared more surreal than real, where life and death seemed to coexist. Their images reflect their own feelings as much as those of the people they met; these emotions have been woven into a film that conveys what it means when a natural disaster like Nargis changes forever the lives of so many.

Director: The Maw Naing, Pe Maung Same, Col, 90 Min., 2009, Dokumentary