Film Series Love Steaks

Film Series © Copyright TIMON SCHAEPPI/HFF Potsdam 2013

Friday, 14. June 2019 at 07:00 pm., Goethe Hall

Goethe Hall

39, R.G. Senanayake MW
Colombo 7

Love Steaks is part of the film series "Young Happenings" which is screened every Friday in the Goethe Hall. A luxury hotel. Steaks are sizzling. Muffintops are massaged. Clemens (rare) joins the spa as a rookie. Lara (well-done) needs to assert herself in the kitchen pack. The elevator brings the two together. Hanging out until they start to rub. Rubbing to ignite. Igniting to burn.

Director: Jakob Lass, colour, 89 min., 2013