Film Relativity - "My end is your beginning."

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Friday, 30.04.2021 at 07:00 pm. (IST)


"My end is your beginning." In quantum physics, time can be reversed using any particular formula, but it always stays the same: “time translation symmetry” implies that the past and the future have the same influence on the present. It is this abstract idea which the German filmmaker Mariko Minoguchi transposes into the structure of her first feature film, Relativity.

Written by the director, the screenplay explores two interwoven stories. The first is centred around Nora and Aron who have been together for two years and are very much in love, when, right at the beginning of the film, the young man is killed accidentally during a bank robbery. The story then follows Nora’s processing of this brutal bereavement in the days which follow, as well as rocketing backwards in time through the couple’s memories (to the time they first met). The other story in the film revolves around Natan, who learns that his little girl Ava is suffering from lymphatic leukaemia and requires a very expensive course of treatment. When he loses his job as a supermarket night guard, Natan is forced to accept a dodgy proposal put forward by his childhood friend Maxi… But Natan also crosses paths with Nora while the latter wanders the streets at night, consumed with grief, and these two lost souls slowly forge a relationship. Meanwhile, the police are working hard to solve the mystery behind the heist…

Director: Mariko Minoguchi, 2019, col., 111 min.

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Mariko Minoguchi
Mariko Minoguchi was born in Munich in 1988 to a German mother and a Japanese father. At the age of 16, an internship as an editor awakened her passion for filmmaking. At the age of 18 she made her first short film - completely independently and without official funding: The 23-minute "Maybe" (2007) described the very common experiences of a group of young friends during one night; the main roles played Janina Stopper and Sidney Gersina (daughter of the director Peter Gersina).

Image © Mariko Minoguchi In the following years, Minoguchi gained further practical experience through internships and assistance in various film productions. For example, as second assistant director to Gregor Schnitzler for "Resturlaub" (2010) and "Spieltrieb" (2012). She did not attend a film school. Instead, she made other short films as an autodidact and was part of the team at the Munich production company Trimaphilm until 2015, where she produced Eva Trobisch's award-winning short film "Wie du küsst" (2012), among other things.

Trimaphilm (since 2017: Trimafilm) also produced Minoguchi's short film relationship drama "Karlstod" (2012) about the farewell of an incurably cancerous woman (Juliane Köhler) from her husband (Matthias Brandt). This film was shown at the Hof Film Festival and the Max Ophüls Preis film festival, among others. Minoguchi also made advertising films and trailers, including for the Munich City Museum (2012) and DOK.fest Munich (2013).

In spring 2018 Minoguchi began shooting her feature film debut, the love story "My end. Your beginning." The world premiere took place at the Munich Film Festival 2019; "My end. Your beginning." the audience award. The theatrical release took place in November 2019.


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