Media Founding YOPE: The first month

Photo: YOPE

YOPE is Myanmar’s first multimedia magazine for young people over the age of 15. With a fresh new approach, it raises issues and questions which are of burning interest for youth but are usually not publicly discussed: a colourful mix of lifestyle, culture, national and international politics – all presented in a way that appeals to young teens. A media experiment by young people for young people.

YOPE grew out of a co-operation between the private publishing house Mizzima and the Goethe-Institut Myanmar. Journalists from Germany, Europe and Asia who have been working for years with youth media content developed the first issues of the magazine together with a young team of Mizzima journalists. It will initially appear once a week and will be distributed via Facebook, on the web and also via TV. The first episode went online on Saturday, July 1st.

A lot has happened since then. In its first 4 weeks, the YOPE Facebook page received more than 100,000 likes. The program is very well received and although aimed primarily at young people aged 15 to 25 is also enjoying a positive response from older users. 31% of the "thumbs up" clicks on Facebook were from users aged 25 to 34, and 7% even came from readers up to 45 years of age.
Phenomenally, the videos have been viewed nearly 1 million times in the month of July, which corresponds to a Facebook reach of 7.8 million users. These are sensational numbers for a format that started from zero! 

Some individual videos from the channel of the youth magazine have had more than 100,000 clicks. On average, most videos were accessed between 20,000 and 60,000 times. Interestingly, the investigative journalistic themes were particularly popular, at times even achieving the best numbers compared to the pure entertainment videos. There truly seems to be a real hunger for truth and the treatment of controversial topics. 

It is also interesting to note that the traffic was achieved "organically", that is, not through promotion by Mizzima or the Institute. Users come to YOPE because they are interested in the content, not in response to advertising.
It is no surprise that about 88% of the audience live in Myanmar. But 6% of the likes for the exclusively Burmese magazine are from Thailand, and the remaining 15% actually come from around the world (including from outside of Asia).

Still in its infancy, the program - virtually unknown just a month ago - is already beginning to establish itself after its outstanding start. It will continue to be intensively expanded and constantly improved.