Truman © Cesc Gay


Julián is an acclaimed theater actor living with terminal cancer in Spain’s capital Madrid. After a fruitless chemotherapy, he consciously resolves to spend his last months outside the hospital bed while facing the certainty of an untimely death.

When his childhood friend Tomás makes an appearance out of nowhere, four days of a sensitive and touching obstacle course are to follow until Tomás returns to his family in Canada. The very first moment of their reunion is already overshadowed by Julián’s final decision to abandon medical treatment: Tomás, it becomes clear, had silently hoped to bring his friend around to continue the fight for more time. Realizing the futility of his attempts, he chooses to silently accompany Julián on his last tour. As he observes how his friend takes leave from his son and companions, he comes to feel Julián’s motivations to end his life deservingly. The only task that keeps Julián in this world is to find a worthy home for his most intimate partner, the tender bulldog Truman that gave name to the film.

With his portrait of profound friendship in times of suffering, Cesc Gay scored a strike at the Goya Awards 2016, the most prestigious distinction in Spanish cinema. The outstanding cast and the stirring performance of the two lead actors in bringing the hardships of an invincible illness and the light of human dignity to life, won Truman an astonishing five of those awards named after the great Spanish painter.