Program of Care 2.0

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ထင်ဟပ်မျှ၀ေ တွဲလက်တွေ (ဒုတိယပိုင်း)© Goethe-Institut Myanmar/ TheeOoThazin

Program of Care 2.0

Due to the high interest and many requests from participants, we are happy to inform you that the "Program of Care 2.0" will take place in 2023, bringing with it new innovative ideas! We aim to create space and possibilities for tackling the multiplicity of difficulties that people might face in their day-to-day lives through expressive art practice techniques. Thus, we have organized a monthly series of workshops on this topic.

The detailed information of our upcoming workshops will be announced soon, and we do not want you to miss out! To stay up to date on the latest details, please make sure to follow us on social media. We will share further details regarding the date and time of the workshop very soon.

We strongly encourage you to participate in this upcoming workshop and to invite your friends and colleagues who might be interested. Thank you for your continued interest in our workshops. We look forward to seeing you in the nearest future!

- Orientation Session
- Building Women's Leadership through Art
- Art & Healing Certificate Workshop (Part 2)
- Dance Movement Therapy Workshop
- Stress Management Sessions - An Introduction to YES!+ Workshop
- Mindfulness and Expressive Art for Children & Youth (Part 2)
Self-expression & Self-care through Music
- Photo Therapy