Leben in Deutschland

Auf dem Weg nach Deutschland © Goethe-Institut


Those who intend to migrate to Germany on a permanent basis for professional or private reasons will receive qualified support to help them prepare. What do I have to organize in Myanmar? And what after arriving in Germany? All information here!

Mein Weg nach Deutschland - Living in Germany

How can I prepare for life in Germany? Get helpful information on your first steps in Germany on the website "The Way to Germany".

Ankommen-App - Arriving in Germany

Understanding how Germany works is the basis for getting on well together. Everyone has the same obligations and has to obey German laws. But everyone has the same rights too. In this app you get to know the rules of this country and learn what you have to pay attention to. Try it!

Family Reunion

The Goethe-Institut’s German courses are tailor-made for the target group’s needs in terms of concept and progression.

Consultation Service

Our public consultation service is currently suspended.
If you need advice or information, please, send an email to EiEi.Phyo@goethe.de


Ei Ei Phyo Ei Ei Phyo
AMIF Coordinator