Exhibition OPENING: The Storyteller

Htein Lin - Hands Photo: Nathalie Johnston

24.07.2015, 6:30 pm

Htein Lin

The Storyteller is a solo exhibition featuring the works of the artist, activist and former political prisoner Htein Lin. The show is being curated by Nathalie Johnston and organized by the Goethe-Institut Myanmar.
Htein Lin was first a young performer and actor, then a revolutionary soldier, later a political prisoner in his own country, and finally an artist, who reflects on his past while providing a lens through which to view a recent history of Myanmar – its many trials, but perhaps most importantly, its healing process.
When we are young, we are told stories to educate or pass down lessons of morality. We view the storyteller as experienced, wise, and entertaining and we often live long enough to become the teller of stories ourselves. What Htein Lin shares through his multimedia, multidisciplinary artwork is every aspect of the story: where it begins, what happens next, and what we can learn from it. He brings events to life through performances and video, photography and sculpture.
This marks the first exhibition in which Htein Lin shares with the public of Myanmar the paintings from his years in prison, created using old uniforms and contraband paint and brushes. It tells the story of life in prison through objects – the standard-issued bars of soap and the hand-written magazines with contributions of other prisoners. It pushes the story further into invented memories, where the artist places himself within events where he was not present, as well as into stories yet to be written – the stories of healing, truth, and reconciliation.