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Heidelberg, Tehran
Song cycle:
Re-inventing To the Distant Beloved

Re-inventing to the distant beloved (Heidelberg und Teheran) - Mahdis Kashani
Re-inventing To the Distant Beloved (Heidelberg & Tehran) - Mahdis Kashani | Photo (detail): Mahdis Kashani © privat

Mahdis Kashani is composing a new song cycle inspired by Beethoven's “To the Distant Beloved” and its core themes of freedom and love.

Iranian composer Mahdis Kashani has composed six new songs with lyrics based on Beethoven's song cycle An die ferne Geliebte (“To the Distant Beloved”). Their central themes include the longing for love and freedom. Improvising musicians from Iran will pay tribute to Beethoven, the greatest improviser of his day and age, in this production, initiated chiefly by the Heidelberger Frühling (“Heidelberg Spring”) International Music Festival and the Tehran Show of Hands Festival. The concert will be premiered in Heidelberg, followed by a second performance in Tehran.

Planned Performances:

  • Autumn 2021 (tbc): Teheran and Germany