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Esslingen, Bonn
Travelling Exhibition: Welcome to #bebeethoven

Welcome to #bebeethoven (Esslingen & Bonn)
Welcome to #bebeethoven (Esslingen & Bonn) | Illustration (detail): © PODIUM, Esslingen

This multimedia exhibition explores Beethoven's musical legacy and creativity and ties it into the present day and age, asking: What would a composer like Beethoven do today? How would they go about composing? How should we approach the various musical cultures in our globalized world? These questions serve as points of departure for 12 contemporary productions by young artists, which curator Thibaut de Ruyter has turned into modular elements of the overall exhibition. After shows in Esslingen (April 2020) and Bonn (October 2020), the exhibition will be travelling abroad.

Planned opening:

  • 2020 (tbc)
  • Autumn 2020, tour of various countries