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Tehran, Berlin
Music theatre: COLLECTIVE; Opus 12

COLLECTIVE; Opus 12 (Tehran & Berlin)
COLLECTIVE; Opus 12 (Tehran & Berlin) | Photo (detail): © Saeedi_Feizabadi

Can traces of Beethoven be found in the collective memory of Iranian society? Amen Feizabadi finds out in this unusual music theatre project. 

How does a society absorb musical elements from other cultures and integrate them into its own cultural environment? How do these elements change within society over the course of history and how can they still be identified? Amen Feizabadi delves into these questions in COLLECTIVE; Opus 12, seeking out musical motifs and themes in Beethoven’s life and music that subsist in the collective memory of Iranian society. Together with local musicians and performers, the collective are putting together an extensive site-specific music theatre project involving musical narration, fiction, documentation, everyday culture and alternative thinking. The music, sound and object installations will be presented in the disused Nasr Theatre in Tehran, followed by a show in Germany. 

Research and development phase:

  • September, December 2019, February, September – October 2020

Planned performances: