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Opera project:
Fidelio bist Du!

Fidelio bist DU! (Bucharest)
Fidelio bist DU! (Bucharest) | Photo (detail): © Maria Bălănean

In a participatory educational project, Cathy Milliken and Robert Lehmeier are developing a contemporary take on Beethoven's only opera “Fidelio”. 

Beethoven's opera “Fidelio” is based on a profoundly humanistic concept: What makes a person a person? One of the key lines in the opera is “Wer du auch seist, ich will dich retten!” – “Whoever you may be, I will rescue you!”. This expression of empathy and solidarity seems more morally imperative than ever today. Cathy Milliken and Robert Lehmeier take this line as a starting point for an opera project involving ten young composers and librettists from Romania. Together they are developing a contemporary idiom for Beethoven's humanist ethos, an expressive idiom that meshes with the thoughts and passions of Romania’s next generation.


  • November 2019 and February 2020